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PerformaHR Services

PerformaHR Services
Human Resources Made For Your Business


We recognize many employers don’t have the need or money to hire a full-time HR professional and this is often delegated to accounting, payroll or even to the owner of the company. Unfortunately, this is becoming more difficult for small employers as labor laws at the state and federal level become increasingly complex. Our PerformaHR services are geared towards employers who need an HR generalist but don’t need one on a full-time basis. Unlike many HR outsourcing services where they wait for you to call, we maintain a more coordinated ‘personalized’ approach to actively engage with you and customize our agreement to meet your company’s needs.

In the Spring of 2013, PWA brought Ariele Rodriguez, PHR, onboard to work with our clients and develop the PerformaHR services. Prior to joining PWA, Ariele worked in the HR department for a large non-profit health care services organization and provided HR consulting services through some of the local HR firms.

 An overview of PerformaHR services:

  1. Requires HRIS contract
  2. Up to 3 reports per year. Additional reports $75 each
  3. Additional $750 fee. It is advised any employee handbook be reviewed by legal counsel.

To find out more on PWA’s PerformaHR services, please contact us at 916-631-7887.

Thank you.