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Employee Benefits

Focusing on Innovative Solutions


Companies face an uphill battle with benefit and insurance costs, they continue to rise at an unpredictable pace and eat away at a company’s bottom line. Worse yet, 1 out of every 3 healthcare dollars is wasted and the future of health care costs is unpredictable due to the Affordable Care Act.

As your employee benefit partner, it is our role to provide real solutions to help your company address benefit costs, compliance issues and ensure your employees are smart consumers and have access to a quality benefit package. We accomplish this through better strategic management of benefit costs, innovative services/products and unparalleled account management support.

Our value statement is backed by our national organization, Benefit Advisors Network, recognized nationally by insurance carriers, and industry leaders for the value and expertise we provide to our clients.

Our Value Statement – Focus on finding the right solutions

Employee Benefits

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